Joseph Patrick Moore's


Double Bassist Magazine – August 2002 August 6, 2002

Double Bassist – August 2002
Autumn #22
Review by Malcolm Creese
Double Bassist Website

Alone Together

Alone Together

This is an extraordinary album of bass-only music by a highly talented and versatile American player. Joseph Patrick Moore visits classical, jazz and pop genres in this showcase collection, most of the 15 short titles are his, and he employs a myriad of studio devices to achieve a surprisingly complete sound. There are delays, loops, harmonics, echoes, multi-tracking and synthesizer effects. Moore is a fine player on double bass, bass guitar with and without frets and even the occasional vocal. The bottom end is obviously well catered for, but he higher registers are also there in abundance, and with accuracy and clarity. Heaven knows how many strings the various bass guitars have (lots!), but the music never sounds muddy or bottom-heavy. Moore’s fretless playing is reminiscent of the great Jaco Pastorius‘ impact on the fretless bass was so overwhemling that it is difficult not to sound like him on this instrument. Moore dedicates a track to some others who influenced him – including Dave Holland and Ron Carter – and his choice of a song by Sting gives another clue as to his list of mentors. As an extra bonus the funky Bobby McFerrin track Drive is included on the CD in video format, where the youthful Moore gives a solo bass guitar performance in what
looks like his living room.


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