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Talk And Other Banter July 20, 2006

Recently I had the pleasure to talk and meet with several bassists/publications, radio stations and podcasts. I just wanted to give a little shout out and say THANK YOU to the following for their support of my music and to thank them for the audio/text interview(s).

David Burgess of Basscast

Terry King of PRWeb Podcast

Randy McElligott of CHUO Ottawa Canada

Martin Simpson of the South African Bass Collective

Brent Anthony Johnson & Tidewater Bass Explosion


If you are interested in hearing the interview(s), you can find them in the “interviews” archive on this blog.

Until next post….peace

JPM 2006 Interview/Co-Host July 13, 2006


Bass Feature/Interview/Co-Host JPM – 2006 – Click Here

You Can Dowload This Podcast Here

Feature CD: “Decade: 1996 – 2005” by Joseph Patrick Moore.
Step Back In Time: “Stanley Clarke” by Stanley Clarke.
We also catch up on a stack of great bass oriented new releases.
The co-host is Joseph Patrick Moore.


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