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One Year Later: A Story Of Inspiration, Hope And You… August 29, 2006

One year ago today, the Southern United States and Gulf coast faced one of the worst catastrophic events in this nations history, Hurricane Katrina. We’re all aware of the unbelievable devastation and heartache caused to the gulf coast region, particularly the horrific flooding and aftermath in New Orleans. Well today (how ironic), I heard from an old friend of mine Bob “Phatboy” Carter, who is about to embark on an amazing journey to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims, in particular the musicians of the greater New Orleans area. The catch is that Bob and his four year old dog Brandy will begin a 3 month long, 3,500-mile winding journey across the country on a bicycle (a Recumbent Trike to be exact), dubbed the “Pedal with a Purpose Tour”. This odyssey will have Carter pedaling through eleven states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. Bob “Phatboy” Carter and Brandy are on a mission, a cause greater than themselves and they need our support and prayers.

phatboy Bob Carter Bob Carter and Brandy


“Give Five, Keep the Music Alive Challenge”

Join PhatBoy by giving a Five ($5) dollar donation or any donation amount ending with the number

In addition, please share this inspirational story with Five of your friends.

Check for Bob and Brandy’s Daily Blog and photos as they document their journey across country.

Thank you for your consideration, together we can make a difference.

Until next post…peace



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