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I’m Joe The Bassplayer And I Approve Of This Message… November 4, 2008

Barack Obama and John McCain


Barack Obama and John McCain

Well here we are, a day I thought couldn’t arrive fast enough. I admit it and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m not a “W” fan. A fan of Washington/Wilson, but the modern day W” has been a disaster at every level in my humble opinion. Name me one thing that “W” and his administration did that was positive for this country and our world? From the previous 42 president’s, I can name positive accomplishments even if I didn’t agree with their ideological views. I mean even Nixon achieved positive accomplishments despite his personal and tragic demons. Ok, Ok–I guess if I’m honest, I can say that “W” has been generous with contributions to Africa and for that I’m grateful. This is the only issue in eight years I agree with “W”. Regretfully however, he missed the mark on Darfur and that is a said chapter in the book of Bush. One of the main reasons why Bush has a been a disaster for this country is that he has been a “reactionary” President. Often acting ‘after the fact’ and often with poor and destructive choices. Like our founding fathers, we need leaders who are “visionaries” and have “foresight” and can literaly advance the ball. In football, they call this “offense”. No team ever wins just because they rely on a great defense. You need to have a strong vision of where you want to advance your causes and be willing and abel to adjust your defense accordingly.

I’m writing this blog not to bash Bush, nor to give my endorsement to Obama or McCain. I have already voted and I don’t think it’s necessary for me to publicly display whom I support. I made up my mind and voted for who I think is best suited for this country at this point in our history. Let’s be honest, do endorsements from actors, musicians, entertainers really make a difference?  When Hollywood stars or musical artist’s come out to support certain candidates, does that make you rush out and vote for them simply because someone whom you respect and admire throws their support behind such candidates? It never has for me…

I (like many of you), beat to my own drum. I have my own personal issues and circumstances that persuades and pulls me in a direction that I feel comfortable with. Point blank, I am an Independent and I’m not beholden to one party or another. I’m conservative on some issues and very liberal on others. I vote with a clear conscience with the issues that matter most to me. So with this said, my message today is directed to you “undecided voters”.

I saw several recent polls that suggested that nearly 7% of the population is still undecided. Are you kidding? One day before the most important election of our lifetime and a percentage of American’s still don’t know who they are going to vote for? In a day and age where we have instant access to “official” websites, thousand’s of political blogs,video sites, 100’s of cable tv channels, talk radio and the like – how can 7% of American’s still be undecided? Let’s face it, after one of the most dreadful period’s in American history, how can anyone still not have a clue on whom to vote for. All one needs to do, is to spend a few hours searching out each candidates stances on the issues and watch, read and educate themselves. This election has only been running for twenty-one months now. Nearly fourty something debates (between both parties) and more talking heads, opinions and bloggers than every in our American History. How can anyone that has been paying the least bit of attention, still not have a clear opinion?

Today is your day to take a stand! If you don’t vote, you should be ashamed of yourself. In my book, your a loser! People fought, died and bled ruby red for everyone of us to pull that lever to advance the freedom and domocracy that we hold so sacred to our constitution. Every four years (and on the first Tuesday in November), this is the one day in our country where the likes of Donald Trump and the local janitor have an equal say. We each have an obligation and a duty for the sake of our fellow man to educate ourselves and MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION. We have a duty and an obligation from our founding forefathers and for future generations, to take a stand on behalf of the sacrifices that have paved the way for this great country, thus keeping the engine of democracy moving forward.

If you don’t know who to vote for, I feel sorry for you. Go back to your American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and your Reality TV…I guess with that, you can make your decision. If your one of those people that can’t spend a few hours to educate yourself to make an informed decision on our future, I sincerely request that you please don’t buy my music!

My last thought and comment on this Historic Day: 1-20-09:)

Until next post…peace…and God Bless the USA.



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