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Guitar World – 1994 June 19, 1994

Guitar World, June 1994
Hometown Heroes
Mike Varney

Joseph Patrick Moore – Memphis, TN

MAIN BASS: Pedulla 5 string, Kohler Upright
INFLUENCES: Miles Davis, Donald Brown, Marcus Miller 
STYLE: jazz, r&b, Hip Hop

“A musician with a broad musical background. ¬†Joseph Moore began playing saxophone in elementary school and played drums ¬†in the high school band. At 16, he took up bass guitar and began playing live just one year later. After high school, Joseph began playing upright¬†bass and majored in music at the University of Tennessee. Over the last¬†four years, Joseph has garnered acclaim for his playing in a variety of¬†settings, including symphony orchestras and with artists as diverse as¬†jazz rapper Gil Scott Heron and unrepentant folky Judy Collins. He’s also¬†been working on his music performance degree at Memphis State University.¬†On his four song demo tape Joseph plays electric bass keyboards and guitars,¬†as well as programming the drum machines. His songs feature innovative¬†changes which maintain a flowing groove. ¬†Wheter he’s slapping, poppin,¬†slidding, flawing or finessing. Fans of contemporary jazz fusion bass¬†work should find his demo to be of great interest.”¬†–¬†Mike Varney


Guitar For The Practicing Musician – 1994 June 1, 1994

Guitar for the Practicing Musician, June 1994

Resume column

NAME: Joseph Patrick Moore
AGE: 24
EQUIPMENT: Pedulla 5string, Kohler upright, SWR speakers, ADA preamps, Trace Elliot Preamp, QSC power amp, Digitech delay.
PERSSONAL STATEMENT: I was a recent recipient of the Milt Hinton International Bass Scholarship and have been playing upright and electric bass for eight years. I have performed with Gil Scott Heron, Judy Collins and the Knoxville Pops, Donald Brown, James Williams and others. Recently I arrived back in Memphis, TN from London, England where I performed with Charlie Wood for six weeks.

COMMENT: He pops, he grooves, play the melody and the¬†silence. He plays the jazz, he plays the bass and doubles on sax. It don’t¬†get much more musical than the talent of Joseph Patrick Moore.”


Joseph Patrick Moore

Joseph Patrick Moore


BassPlayer Magazine – October 1993 October 2, 1993

Bass Player Magazine October 1993
Bass Notes

Bass Player Magazine

Joseph Patrick Moore


On the jazz side of the street, three promising students were recently named winners of $1,000 awards from the Milt J. Hinton Scholarship fund: Joe Martin, Joseph Moore, and Nathan Peck. Martin is a student at William Paterson College; Moore is hittin the books at Memphis State University; and Peck, a 16-year old from West Virginia, is planning to pursue private instruction. The judges were Milt Hinton himself (of course) and noted jazz bassists Jay Leonhart and Charnett Moffett. The winners were chosen on the basis of their performances, their background, and an assessement of the potential benefits of private instruction in furthering their musical development.


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