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An Honest Tune – August 2002 August 13, 2002

An Honest Tune August 2002
August 2002
Vol. 4, number 1
Review by Tom Speed

An Honest Tune Website

Alone Together

Alone Together

Though best known for his turns as the bass player for Fiji Mariners and BlueGround UnderGrass, Joseph Patrick Moore presents here on his third solo release nothing but his bass-fifteen tracks that touch on jazz, rock, and classical music. Most of the tracks were written by Moore but he also includes some interesting cover selections such as the Police’s MASOKO TANGA. Alone Together features Moore on upright acoustic and electric basses with overdubs and samples and whatever else it takes to make it work. Listening to this record, one gets the feeling of being invited into Moore’s living room for a long musical conversation that lasts well into the night.

It’s a must for bass players but is also an excellent record that captures an amazing performer and his craft.


BassPlayer Magazine – July 2002 July 1, 2002

Bass Player Magazine July 2002
BP Recommends
Review by Greg Olwell
Bass Player Magazine

Alone Together

Alone Together


Pedulla 5-string, Kohler Acoustic Upright, Zeta Fusion Electric Upright, Fretless Fender 4-string.

A real bass solo record featuring nothing but Moore and his multi-tracked basses. JPM employs a huge range of tones and techniques, and with chops and songwriting as varied as his, this isn’t just another CD of look at me skills.


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