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Let’s Create One More Job… April 21, 2009

tye It has been a while since I’ve made a personal blog post, as I’ve been extremely busy with many exciting projects.  We hope to announce these in the coming  months so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I wanted to post an issue that is very important to me.  In this current state of economic/political discourse and with many changes in the air, I believe it is important to address a movement/opportunity/position that could benefit all of us.  This job is a “Secretary Of The Arts” Government cabinet position.  The idea of this position is to build awareness and support creative artists, through support of its creators – the artists themselves.  With this cabinet post, it will demonstrate the fundamental importance of art, human well being and create the space and resources in which it can flourish.  With your help, we can make this a reality.

Quincy Jones and Jaime Austria initiated the idea and it has been spreading among artists/blogs throughout the world wide web.  I would encourage each of you to:

Secretary Of The Arts




Thank you for your consideration.

Joseph Patrick Moore 



Documentary to begin filming… June 24, 2008

In a few hours I will begin on a musical journey I have visited several times in my career, recording an audio CD. However, this time it will be different in that this recorded CD will be documented on film. From the initial start of the recording process through the completion of my 8th CD, these performances and studio experiences will be captured on video.

I am very excited about the idea of this artistic expression, however I’m a bit apprehensive or should I say, feel a little vulnerable and naked opening myself up in this way. After encouragement and clarity from a few friends, I do believe this is the current project and journey I must undertake now.

While it might be a bit pre-mature to talk about the musical details and guest artists that will appear on this CD, let me just share with you one recent and reoccurring thought I keep having: “Through happiness and pain, music heals and creates harmony”.  This is my personal goal and hopefully this vibe and feeling will translate to all who will listen/watch my current journey, in the future.


Until next post…peace



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