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BAJ’s BassTalk Interview March 13, 2007

bajs BassTalk

Bass Interview/JPM – 2007

Advertisements 2007 Interview February 1, 2007

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Serving Jazz In The Digital Age

Feature/Interview/JPM – 2007 – Click Here 2006 Interview January 1, 2007


Feature/Interview/JPM – 2007 – Click Here

 2006 Interview/Co-Host July 13, 2006


Bass Feature/Interview/Co-Host JPM – 2006 – Click Here

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Feature CD: “Decade: 1996 – 2005” by Joseph Patrick Moore.
Step Back In Time: “Stanley Clarke” by Stanley Clarke.
We also catch up on a stack of great bass oriented new releases.
The co-host is Joseph Patrick Moore.


Live 365/My Ipod/Impromptu Jams June 6, 2006

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As some of you know, I’ve had a radio station on for sometime. The music featured on the station was mainly from my solo CD releases with a little thrown in from side projects such as the EMP Project. Originally I wanted to set up the station in this way, so I could share my music with you. In addition, we wanted to get feedback (thumbs up/thumbs down) of what your favorite tracks were. We had decided sometime ago that we we’re going to release “Decade 1996-2005” and we wanted to get a general sense of what were some of my stronger tunes. When you record and perform your own music, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. You get so close to something, particularly when you create art, it’s hard to have an objective point of view. Your input was very valuable for deciding which tracks to put on the 19 song “DecadeCD“. Thank you!

Now that “Decade 1996-2005” has been released, we’ve decided to overhaul the Live 365 channel with a new attitude. We are going to continue to play song’s from my CD releases, future projects, live shows and side projects. However, we’re now going to share “what’s on my ipod”. I have over 30 gigs of songs stuffed on my ipod ranging from jazz to rock to hip hop and beyond and we’re going to plug that into the Live 365 channel. While I love jazz/bass, I’m an eclectic person by nature and you’ll see this clearly when you tune in to the station.  In addition, we’ve set up a “live punch in” feature, which will allow me to pop in at any time and give an improptu concert.  In fact, I just performed a new solo bass tune for a few people tuning in:)

Join me and check out some of the music that inspires me to create.


Until next post….peace

JPM 2006 Interview February 1, 2006

Institute of Bassists



Bass Feature/Interview of JPM – 2006 – Click Here



“In this interview, Moore talks about his new recordings as a solo artist and a member of E.M.P. Project, Blue Canoe Records, doing remote sessions via the web, teaching online through MusicDojo, and the benefits of playing both electric and acoustic upright basses.  Whether recording as a solo artist, performing as a member of E.M.P. Project, or touring as a sideman, Joseph Patrick Moore has demonstrated the diversity of his musical prowess across a broad spectrum of musical genres while utilizing acoustic upright, electric, and fretless basses.” – Cliff Engel


Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) – 2004 November 21, 2004

BassGuitar Magazine (UK) November 2004
Review by Andy Long
for ThirdBass. Commisioned by Bass Guitar Magazine.

Bass Guitar Magazine Site
Bass Guitar Magazine Issue 14 

Joseph Patrick Moore's Drum & Bass Society - Volume 1

Joseph Patrick Moore's Drum & Bass Society - Volume 1

A surprisingly mellow version of Men At Work’sDown Under‘ opens this latest project from Atlanta based session man Moore. It’s an colourful album that takes a tour around some of his influences, for instance the opening track is followed by a jazz arrangement of ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials and the songs of Tony Williams, Phish and The Fixx are also to be found. His own compositions are a cocktail of funk, jazz and soul shaken and stirred by a multitude of musicians. ‘Jamband Express‘ has a solid blues/funk feel with an irresistible groove and his tribute to Herbie Hancock, ‘Herbie‘ is a showcase for some outstanding soloing, Adam Nitti pops up on this track as an added bonus. Moore was recently named as one of the 100 greatest jazz bassist by Digital Dream Door and this album is the lastest testament to that achievement.


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