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Talk And Other Banter July 20, 2006

Recently I had the pleasure to talk and meet with several bassists/publications, radio stations and podcasts. I just wanted to give a little shout out and say THANK YOU to the following for their support of my music and to thank them for the audio/text interview(s).

David Burgess of Basscast

Terry King of PRWeb Podcast

Randy McElligott of CHUO Ottawa Canada

Martin Simpson of the South African Bass Collective

Brent Anthony Johnson & Tidewater Bass Explosion


If you are interested in hearing the interview(s), you can find them in the “interviews” archive on this blog.

Until next post….peace


Advertisements 2006 Interview June 29, 2006


PRWeb Podcast, 5 min. JPM Audio Interview – June 2006

Interview by Terry King


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